Tuesday, June 13, 2017

'Nigeria has one psychiatrist to 1million people'

 A mental health physician and psychotherapist, Dr. Maymunah Yusuf- Kadiri has advised that the high rate of depression among Nigerians could be stemmed through self-help. She said the best and most effective way of getting over depression is when those affected realize their they are depressed, adding this is very important because the nation lacks enough psychiatrists to take care of those who are battling with depression.
Kadiri-Yusuf of the Pinnacle Medical Services in Lagos, disclosed that there is one psychiatrist to one million Nigerians, saying few medical practitioners specialize in that area.

      Speaking at a dare2Inspire lecture for women in Lagos, the lecturer who recalled her foray into psychiatric practice said mental health is a medicine for the past, present and the future. According to her, there are emerging opportunities in mental health in Nigeria due to the high rate of divorce and depression. She described depression as a medical condition which falls under the group of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like hypertension, cancer, diabetes, among others, adding that the diseases are interwoven.
“Physical and mental illness are interwoven. You can be hypertensive and you have depression”, she said.
She listed causes of depression to include persistent sadness for two weeks, loss of interest on things ordinarily one enjoys doing, “not sleeping and over-sleeping, not eating or over-eating”, among others.
The mental health physician said, “You have depression when concentration and attention starts reducing. At a stage you think of committing suicide, that is when you feel hopeless and worthless. Some may start hearing voices and you begin to blame people here and there.
“Depression can be cured by self-help when you realize there is a problem. Some people don’t know they are depressed.”
She said the first line of treatment for depression is counseling, urging people especially women to inculcate healthy and good relationships among them.

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