Friday, August 18, 2017

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Gives 8 Reasons To Stop Blaming The Devil

A Nigerian Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) church has used his social media platform to campaign “Don’t Blame The Devil,” when we should blame ourselves.
The church is said to raise men and women who would take over in every sector and sphere of life. Pastor Biodun started this trend on his Instagram which he called#DontBlameTheDevil that involved creating images about a series of instances when we compromise based on our ignorance or sheer laziness and end up blaming the devil for the situation.
Fatoyinbo referred to most people in Nigeria whom he said always find a way around pushing the blame to the Devil and since he is not available to either accept or deny the blame, they sometimes get away with it.
Hence he insisted people should stop blaming the devil and take responsibilities for their actions. According to Fatoyinbo below are the reasons to stop blaming the devil.

8 Reasons to Stop Blaming the Devil – Biodun Fatoyinbo

1.You when to his house at 10 pm and it started raining so you couldn’t leave – #Dontblamethedevil
2. You don’t treat your spouse right yet you want a great home – #Dontblamethedevil.
3. You always eat junk and then you come down with health issues – #Dontblamethedevil.
4. You keep postponing that application and end up missing the deadline for the scholarship – #Dontblamethedevil.
5. You spend all your productive time reading gist on social media and end up doing nothing productive – #Dontblamethedevil.
6. You choose to hold that meeting at a lounge knowing that you have a drinking problem – #Dontblamethedevil.
7. You keep repeating the same processes over and over and you expect to get a different reason – #Dontblamethedevil
8. You don’t have a saving culture and you are always broke – #Dontblamethedevil.
These are the very reality of our daily lives. In as much as the devil can manipulate and use people as agents, it’s time to lay to rest the blame game and practice faith instead, by living life the way God instructed us in the ten commandments.
Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is an international Christian speaker who preaches in the different parts of the world. The successful pastor lives in lives in Abuja with his family while being connected to several different cities throughout Nigeria.
As the lead pastor at Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) church, Biodun Fatoyinbo is said to be an insightful individual who believes every individual placed on earth is not here to take sides but to “take over.” Not only is he a writer and speaker, he is also a good singer and a guitarist.
The Pastor is happily married to wife Modele who’s also a Pastor and they both work together in their ministry in order to equip the next generation of Christians who would have much influence in the world. Biodun Fatoyinbo says he aims to show them ways of how the Word of God can be shared with their lives.

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